Admin Console Controls How to Ban/Kick ect?

Hey guys just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of the Console Commands for Admins, Iv’e had a few people on my server disrespecting others and not following rules, ive tried to put in the commands for Ban/Kick and nothing is Working.

The ones id like to know are.

Ban (however many minutes)
Ban (permanent)
Ban SteamID

And also is there a Command for Viewing the players on your server? my in Game Steam (view players log) Reports that the server cannot load the list.

thanks in advance.

rcon.login “password” Use your ‘Password’ to login into Rcon via ingame console (F1).
status See how many players are online on server.
say Makes the console say something.
find Lists available console commands.
kick “player” Kicks player from the server.
ban “player” Bans player. Doesn’t kick him though.
banid “steamid” Bans a steamid from the server.
unbanall Unbans all players.
truth.enforce true/false Server kicks people automatically when they are doing “weird” things.
save.all Saves everything on the server.
teleport.toplayer “ply1” “ply2” Teleports ‘ply1’ to ‘ply2’. Case sensetive. Full name required.
teleport.topos “ply1” “Pos X” “Pos Y” “Pos Z” Teleports ‘ply1’ to the coordinates. Full name required.
inv.giveplayer “player” “item” “amount” Gives ‘Player’ the ‘Item’. Full name and Item name required. List of Items.
inv.giveall “item” “amount” Gives all players ‘Item’. Full Item name required. List of Items.
dmg.godmode true/false Gives all logged in admins godmode.
crafting.complete Completes every single crafting job in progress for everyone.
crafting.cancel Cancels every single crafting job in progress for everyone.
crafting.instant true/false Sets crafting to be instant for everyone.
crafting.instant_admins true/false Sets crafting to be instant for logged in admins only.
crafting.timescale “amount” Sets the timescale of crafting to ‘amount’.
airdrop.drop Starts an airdrop.
airdrop.min_players “amount” Starts airdrops only when minimum X players are online.
vehicle.spawn Spawns a car at your current position.
server.hostname Sets a hostname.
server.clienttimeout “time” Sets the time until someone times out. Good to fight item glitchers. (Default 2 minutes)
server.pvp true/false Sets PVP on or off.
sleepers.on true/false Sets sleepers on or off.

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