Admin Equipment Spawning / Hacking removed soon?


So, when are admin abilities to spawn in loot / god mode / 1 shot kill damage (to shoot down buildling parts etc.) going to be removed from game. All admins should be able to do is 1. spectate 2. kick players 3. ban players. They shouldnt have the ability to spawn in gear and build their own massive base. There are enough hackers already and virtually every server has these hackmins. It’s as bad as paying for cheats, buying a server then spawning gear / going invisible / godmoding, and shouldnt be available to anyone.

This has been in PC gaming forever, and it is not going anywhere. Find a server with non abusive admins or rent your own server. Or go play on official servers where there arent any admins at all. I have my own server and i don’t abuse my powers, yet i still get people whining that i spawn items, use god-mode, teleport etc. The powers are there to help admins create the server experience they want. You just need to play official or find the best community server that you can. Try

Just play on a different server, problem solved. Plenty of servers around without admin abuse.

Find another server.

Admins get tired of little baby whiners, who claim everyone is hacking and cheating. Sit there and call an Admin a hacker is the dumbest thing ever. Some people take this stuff so personally. Although if they did take the spawn item away it would prevent some certain skiddies from making ddos threats on admins who dont spawn items for them. I wont give anyone an unfair advantage, if you are on my server and all you see is my Name plate drifting around its my lame attempt at catching some hack in the act. The only tools the admin has to catch these hackers is invisible Armour.

Thanks for the good laugh. They pay money for their servers and can do with them what they please. If you don’t like it, go play on an official server or a community server with inactive admins.

Another one of these threads eh? Buy your own server or find one you’re happy with. Whining on here about admin tools will not get them removed.


We need more admin tools, not less.

Explain to me how having my own server, that I pay for, to do what I want to inside my sandbox environment should be removed from the game? ( Don’t have a server, but I’m making a point )

That argument makes no sense. Either go get your own server, or find one with decent admins.

I had an issue like this once… and I switched servers. Problem solved.

Here’s a an hour in the life of an admin…

  • “Hi could you ban ‘x’… im pretty sure he’s aimbotting”
  • 15 mins of 2 players hurling abuse at each other followed by “omg is there an admin around, could you just ban this guy already”
  • “Argh, I just misplaced this thing on my base, can an admin help me remove it”
  • “Omg, I just died, could someone respawn my shotty/pistol/gigantic purple dildo”
  • “HALP, I fell down a hole, can someone teleport me out?”
  • “Oh noes, I just respawned and am totally lost, can someone port me back to where i was/the road/random landmark…”
  • “I think player ‘x’ is noclip/fly/random hacking, can someone check it out”
  • Continue ad nauseum…

Now depending on how “ethical” your admin is, most of those requests are going to be met with a stern “No”, a quick lesson in how to use the unstuck command, or complete silence. The hack complaints, however, are probably going to require an effective admin to teleport, slap on the god mode and go invisible to monitor/record the suspect activity, and hand out the eviction notice if warranted.

Removing the misplaced item, well that’s a bit much, but a friendly admin might chose to port in and help out, “just this once”, because hey, we want our players to be happy and stick around, don’t we?

A stupidly friendly Admin might help port the lost player back to civilization, because not everyone is patient enough to learn how to navigate, and newbs have a habit of jumping server if things start off badly for them.

A desperate admin with a quiet server might trigger an airdrop to liven things up, and because they just can’t get the population up enough to get them automatically.

A community focused one might spend hours developing a building or maze for an event on their server because that’s what they do on their server. They might be running a competition and need to be able to spawn the prizes.

There’s a whole plethora of reasons why an admin might need access to those powers, not limited to those listed above. How they use them, on a server they pay for, and for the community they have helped foster on their server, is really, entirely up to them. As others have said, if you have a problem with the way a certain admin is using those powers, leave the server. An admin has to stick with the server they have invested in, you on the other hand, are free to shop around and find the perfect one for you.

Okay so let me get this straight. You, some random guy on the internet who isn’t paying monthly for anything, thinks that those dudes who pay 20-50 bucks a month for a server should not be able to alter the server to their liking?

You, some random dude on the internet whos too cheap to get his own server, thinks that THEY should play how YOU want them to play?

Let me know how it goes when you tell your IRL boss at your job what your job should be :slight_smile: