Admin extra abilities is in the game?

Hi guys!

Yesterday Maurino gave extra abilities for admins, these abilities are already in the dev branch?

If yes, how it works? Thanks!

Yes I’m also interested in what these are, really hoping we can fly now so we can take epic screenshots of stuff.

Not an ability, but still,

password.true PASSWORD

for a serverpassword would be nice.

From what Maurino has told me, the two things he’s added are free roam cam and super jump/speed. Apparently these things can be activated by SHIFT+P and SHIFT+L however, I’ve been unable to get them working as of yet.

Any news on how to use these commands yet?

Is there a list with the new commands somewhere?

Because I run a vanilla server with no mods installed.

I would like to be able to turn God mode on and off when doing admin building or admin helping newbies.

I don’t mind getting killed during normal play/raids.

if you type ‘find .’ into console it will show you all commands

you have to have the space between find and the .