Admin God Mode Glitch

I don’t know what happened: I previously used god mode to check about a hacker, and turned it off afterwards. I died plenty of times to players since then, but out of nowhere after dying it enabled again. I don’t know how I could recreate it, and can’t really prove it. I don’t know if anyone else knows something about this, if it was something on my end or a bug or something. I had no idea and thought the people trying to kill me were bad shots, until I had my friends tried it out directly for me. I was logged into admin the entire time too, I’m really at a loss. It went back and forth too, sometimes I’d take fall damage and others I guess it would enable and I couldnn’t figure out why only my legs would break and take no damage.

10/10 would read again.

I feel like a mongoloid, but I really am confused as to how this could’ve happened.

Possible you have multiple admins on your platform and they typed it in? It gives godmode to all logged in admin.