Admin groups in darkrp

Hello, on my server I have ulx and darkrp(of course there are more mods) and I think they both have admin systems. I want to add an admin group called VIP, and you know in DarkRP’s shared.lua where the jobs are? In a job, there’s a value that determines what privilges you need to become that class, 0=everyone can become it, 1=admin, 2=superadmin. I want to change it to 0=everyone, 1=vip, 2=admin, 3=superadmin, I already made the vip group for ulx. so what do I do now?

ples replai

You’ll have to find wherever the numbers are defined in the gamemode, and make a new number with Pl:IsUserGroup(VIP)

yea but which file…

yea but which file and which line contains that

A bump in desperate need for help…

Search for the class file, might be what you need

also, I believe DarkRP uses ply, so Ply:IsUserGroup(VIP)

Where do I put that?

God, another bump because this still wasn’t resolved, I’m hoping someone can make my “psuedocode” into code that works, and tells me where to put it.

if ply:IsUserGroup( “vip” ) then
allow user to choose vip classes in the darkrp f4 jobs tab

can someone tell me how to change the 2nd line into code??? AND tell me where to put it?

vipclasses = {

function vipclass( ply )
if ply:Team() == vipclasses and !ply:IsUserGroup( “vip” ) then
ply:Team() = TEAM_CITIZEN
Notify(ply, 1, 4, string.format(“That class is VIP only!”))
return false
hook.Add( meta:ChangeTeam( ply ), “vipclass”, vipclass )

I made this code by myself, and of course…it didn’t work. I’ve put this in lua/autorun/server, and if someone doesn’t tell me how to fix this i’ll go bonkers…