Admin hacking and Killing ppl. Please kick/ban/shut down server.

I was playing on the server Multiplay :: El Tortuga and I was minding my own business cooking in a building. Up comes the “admin” and for no reason starts shit with me. He has an M4 and MP5 and all the weapons you could need, he was INVISIBLE, I couldn’t shoot him at all or do any damage. I spawned 3 seperate times. he killed me 3 times in a row. He was cheating, hacking, and not allowing others to even play the game. Please shut down the server. I don’t know his name, it was long, and he banned me now because I said i was going to get his server shut down. So please, do something about this hacking “admin”.

(User was banned for this post ("dumb thread" - postal))

he payed for the server he can do whatever he wants

It was in a community server, not modded. It was for the community. He can’t do “whatever” he wants to people.

he bought the server he can do what ever he wants and he isnt hacking hes the admin which he can spawn godmode and invisible armor

that is absolutely stupid. how in the literal fuck are we supposed to play with someone that spawns behind you with a gun that can’t die and is invisible? are you fucking kidding me?