admin help

I rented a server from and had them host a gmod game on it. Everything works so far. Every single addon and mod. the bad thing is i dont have any idea how to become admin of my server. i did go to the settings on the server and fill that out with my id and steam id. i was supposed to use the name i use to log into steam wasnt i? any help on this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry i accidentally clicked the wrong thread icon.

What admin mod you using?

none at all cause i dont know what ones to use. I guess i should download assmod stuff cause thats just about the only ones i see on

ok i know i THOUGHT i had it fixed earlier but my server still refuses to see me as the admin. I tried to edit the users.txt and did it like one of the forums here said i should have. I have assmod 2 running with no plugins on the mod