Admin Immunity Broken?

I co-own a darkrp server on gmod, and for some reason Admins can pick up everyone, including Super Admins and me, the co-owner. One of the supers in the server is also unable to pick up anyone. I think this has to do with immunity, but I’m unsure. I do have FAdmin on the server but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

FAdmin comes with DarkRP. You’ll need ULX, then make it so that the rank co-owner can not target owners, etc…


(! - Cannot) (% - Target) hence giving Cannot Target Owner

Strange, I did that in the menu (which is where I think I’m supposed to do it [under the Manage Groups]) and it says now only able to target those groups which is now saying targeting !%co-owner and !%superadmin.

You make it so the lower ranks can’t target the next rank up, don’t put more then one immunity target up, like…

Operator - !%admin
Admin - !%superadmin
Superadmin - !%co-owner
co-owner - !%owner
owner - *

That should be correct, the last one for owner (*) is saying that the specified group can target anyone.

And what about for targeting those in their own group? They’ll just be able to target them?

Try typing this in console.

ulx groupdeny admin "ulx physgunplayer" "!%admin"

If this disables the command for all admins, let me know.

Invalid command entered. If you need help, please type “ulx help” in your console.

Well, I need to be back later. I’ll continue trying things once I get back.

Hey I know it doesn’t completly have to do with it but please help me out here :

I got ULX problems.
Thanks !

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