admin is an animal like the others

Would it be possible to create a control that allows the administrator to get into the skin of an animal in order to observe , to flee the hunt or attack the hunters ?

That seems like it’d be a client-side mod, and that’d get you banned for cheating at this point. It’s possible that it could be a server-side mod (which won’t cause bans), but I’m not aware of any such capability at this point.

Server admins can be invisible and fly, anyway.

Client side mod? How would a clientside mod allow you to become an animal on a server?

The models of players are client-side… The server cannot convert a player into an animal, or even change the sex, scale, skin color, etc. of models and currently the modding system is server-side only. Not only that, making a client-side plugin if it were possible would be very complex because of all the anti-cheat checking file integrity client-side. It would have to be implemented by facepunch and coordinated with VAC and EAC.

So basically no, it’s not possible.

Why not? If there are mods able to create human npcs, I don’t see why a mod that sends “this is a deer, not a human” to clients would be impossible. And instead of AI, deer would be driven by admin inputs.

There’d need to be an API call, basically.

At the moment it is not possible. But it’s very possible to do if garry added the ability for the server to force the client to load a different model than what you should be.

The game uses basic IL libraries. With enough effort and reflection you probably could hook functions responsible for that. Hell, servers can even inject custom code into Rust libraries. An API call would make things a lot easier, but it’s not impossible seeing as IL is pretty much open source. That’s how Oxide and whatever else works, they hook into Rust code. Modding .net/mono apps without official mod support is one of the easiest things possible when it comes to software.

HumanNPCs are just other animals using a human model. You cannot transform a wolf into a boar either… You could easily remove a wolf and put a boar instead but they are different entities using the same spot. You can’t just change the model.


There is nothing more to say. You cannot change an entity’s model at runtime server-side and mods are currently only server side. Hence, you cannot play as an animal… Its that simple.