Admin Item List - Skin changer

Hello, I am an admin for the [UK]RustWars Server. I spend a lot of my time building, and running arena battles.

Since the latest update of amalgamating the t-shirts and hoodies etc and being able to select skins. The different colours have disappeared from the item list. They are also not listed in rusty. On every wipe i build a new arena for the players to participate in. As you can imagine setting up each battle is time consuming ensuring all bodies and gear is removed and replaced each go dependent on the event. Sometimes we have 4 tdm teams going meaning we need 4 different colours. I have bought the hoodies on the market place. However i have to make each individual hoodie as i cannot select the colour to spawn in from the item list.

I know these are meant to be a novelty item and i have purchased them. I was just wondering if, for admins, we may see re-appearance of the different colours in the item list or a similar idea to the skin changer?