Admin Items and Grieving

I’m currently an admin on a rust server and I’d just like to note a few improvements that would help us in a big way.
Using an Invisible Set of gear to follow players accused of “illegal activity” on a server, whether it be hacking or breaking server rules. Whilst invisible, players can still hear foot steps and see your name floating above your head. I’m suggesting that this can be altered in some way, so that your foot steps are silent and no name is visible. Although “hackers” can still see you whilst invisible, if they don’t hear you spawn on them it would be a lot easier to catch them in the act.
Also currently (as everyone knows) pillars, ceilings and foundations aren’t destroyable with c4/admin tools. Are we able to have this changed so that admin items can destroy these? With servers that don’t allow “grieving” its hard when someone destroys stairs on the first floor of some ones house and then places a ceiling basically rendering their base unlivable (to an extent). It would be very handy if these could be removed with admin abilities but not c4.


I can’t believe some servers ban grieving! Grieving is a natural response to loss and should be allowed to happen. Mourn your fallen comrades!

Shine me boots governor

Frankly I think it’s silly to try and enforce a no griefing policy. As of right now it’s something that the game allows for so to me it’s fair game.

This has all been suggested many times before, as well. I’m sure things will change/improve as time goes on.

This is not about if griefing should be allowed or not. If the owner of the server doesn’t want to allow it, it is his choice to do so. Just like how some servers don’t PVP/etc/etc. Just trying to enforce it is the problem, and if it does happen there is nothing admins can do to reverse it, that is the problem.

Oh I absolutely agree that a server owner can and should be able to do/enforce whatever they want.

But I don’t see why the devs should be concerned with how server owners choose to admin.

Like I said, I’m sure that all of this will be changed down the road. For now I really doubt the devs care about admin tools or griefing, they’re still just trying to staple a game engine together enough to add some content.

I’m sure it cant be that hard to change tho? I mean why didn’t they do it from the beginning? I’m sure there’s a reason but I thought it would have been one of the first things they would have implemented.

Because things take time to do, they’re currently building the engine, the framework of the game that everything else runs off of basically.

“Why didn’t they do it from the beginning” basically is just asking why they didn’t wait until the game was finished to release it. :zoid:

Griefing is certainly not something to be encouraged, but often time these things can be resolved with gameplay mechanics. For example, someone with an “unraidable” crate-house pops up filled with griefers, you just C4 down the door and throw grenades into the interior until it doesn’t have any furniture inside anymore because they’re hostile. Now, is that griefing or emergent gameplay? Building a box onto someone’s house’s doorways is “griefing”, but if they had placed a foundation themselves they could have prevented that sort of thing with a pillar, so is that griefing by an obnoxious neighbor or bad house design?

That being said, the things you describe already exist, although you’ll need Oxide and the patience to get them going. There is an admin removal tool that works on pillars, foundations etc, and I believe an invisible suit as well. As these things do exist for those that feel the need for them, I think they’re just not as much a priority to get into the vanilla build of the game. The recent discussion about the UI has shown a reasonable hesitance to put a lot of code in that will need to be scrapped due to changes in other systems, so incorporating those features in vanilla when they will break with some patches and require some updates would further increase the workload for Facepunch, and result in a fairly certain result in more code that would need to be discarded as the game progresses.

But wouldn’t you think that things like this would take priority over what the GUI looks like? Or what the player models look like. Changing visuals this early instead of matters at hand that hinder game play? Last patch they added clouds, changed the water, was this really necessary?

Sure, they should just fire the artists and say “It really isn’t necessary to change visuals this early”

The sky change was absolutely necessary. The old sky was an fps problem. The water was a byproduct of the sky. Also, it shouldn’t really matter what changes the devs make to the game. They can do whatever they want, regardless of whether or not a bunch of players deem something unnecessary.

On topic, I would also like to give the Uber Hatchet special destruction powers instead of just super melee. Yes, that would give “bad” admins more power, but you shouldn’t be playing on those servers anyways.

As for the fine line between emergent gameplay and greifing, my rule of thumb: griefing is anything that either completely or majorly nullifies the target’s previous gameplay. Basically, if they do something that is extremely detrimental to the target, such as Clawdius’s example of breaking stairs and blocking an entire section, or all, of the target’s base with a ceiling, that is griefing. Emergent gameplay is something that can be recovered from within a respectable amount of time, such as taking a bunch of items or even destroying items not taken. Blocking access to a base that probably took a day or so to build and rendering it useless is just terrible. Another one of Clawdius’s examples is dropping loot boxes to block access. Loot boxes can be destroyed. That would be harmless in the long run.