Admin Log in Issues.

I find myself baffled, i use Rusty rcon tool, the admin works perfectly, i use it to add my steam ID as an owner through the ownerid command, it says it adds me as an owner. i connect to my server, cant use any admin commands whatsoever, nothing happens, i read that i should try put it in my batch file, or in the users.cfg file, i tried it in my batch file, nothing worked, now i think i know why its not working, as i have checked every folder on my server and there is not a users.cfg file to be seen, since i have not seen this file, i have no idea where it should be, i also run Oxide mod, so really all i need is a location as to where my users.cfg file should be, and what it should contain (aside from my steam id and name). then maybe i can sort my issues of not being able to log in or change any of my oxide values on the fly.

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