Admin logs

Is there a way that i can get a script or code that will make logs for admins only that will show who killed who and it shows up in the top left of the screen as it shows about 15 min or kill history im not sure if ulx will do this but i would like it to be in the corner and as long as your and admin on duty it will be there and once that admin is off duty than it will go away

Punctuation would help a lot.

From what I understand, you want to log the last 15 minutes of player kills and display it in the corner of admins’ screens?

Ya sorry about my Punctuation and yes can you help me with the log

When you say you want ‘help’ you mean you want someone to do it for you? If so you should go to codehire (Google it). Because I don’t think anyone around here would code admin logs for free. Good luck with the script bud.

P.S. On coderhire try to find advanced logger, it’s made by rocket mania, it’s good :slight_smile:

Can you send me the like to the advanced logger

There is none. Make it yourself or buy it.

ya f14 told me to go on codehire and he said to find advanced logger, it’s made by rocket mania. Thats the link i was asking him to send me

How about you spend 10 seconds of your own time and Google it yourself?

Literally the first result.

i did and i couldnt find it

well Im not sure what I searched some other crap came up when I searched it but thanks anyways

No. You didn’t.

Honestly, if you have Google Custom search enabled, it will try to find searches more relevant to you. I used to type wiki and it would be gmod and that’s it for the first few pages.

I disabled it and now I have a much more wide variety of search-results; I’d recommend doing that. You may be receiving results from “related” yet completely not what you want by having that system enabled.