admin looking for server to supervise for free

Hi, I’m a veteran legacy server administrator looking for a server to supervise/manage for free. I used to be an admin and creator of Rust Story in the rust legacy game. I’m free during working schedule and up to 11:00 PM. If you got any questions, let me know by commenting. Not accepting server with less than 15 players.

Steam name: Vendetta Hazard

Thank you


I’m serious… I dont know why their is not more people advertising to be an admin.

Im actually in the process of looking for experienced mods/admins to help on a modded game mode but I need like 10…lol

I pick admin I know a bit or have played with to a point I trust them.

You should play on rising servers and get along with admins.
But don’t harass them, or you’ll be out of the short list in no time.