Admin Menu Available (restricted) - BUG?!

Hi there, on my search for beta keys for this game (no I am not begging, no worries), I’ve stumbled up on a link that seems is linked to the admin menu of the game - specific the one for the key generator.
I may not be able to get any use of it, but I guess if you want to you can abuse it if you are into that stuff.

I thought I would share this here so it can be fixed as it was like the second or third link I found when I googled for rust beta keys.

Here is the link:

Guess its a simple problem, but if there is a possiblityof abusing it - it should be fixed.

Regards twis7

You’re very very late, doesn’t work any longer.

Didnt know that.

But still - shouldnt this be invisible to the public??

It’s alpha who cares for now.

Things like this should not be shared on forums, mostly because of the hype it will cause; only for people to be let down because the page does not function as the title of your thread suggests (at least not anymore)

I say let them be disappointed.

Garry knows about this.

This was spread a while ago. Like others said, this doesn’t work anymore.