Admin mod codes help

Ok so I’m going to make a simple admin mod with my friend I want to learn how to kick someone by going to they’re name and clicking and kicking I just need to learn basic things to get me started

Have you searched the wiki…?

thank you sir i am a dumbass :3

Its down :3

Didnt know the wiki was down so excuse me for telling someone begging for code where to get it.

Heavy sigh, ply:Kick()

When in doubt, Look at other scripts that already have something like it…I believe ULX Has something like that, works through scoreboard, you just have to click the kick button.

Of course now that i see this post the wiki is back up, but whatever.

Thanks and oh I didnt mean to make it look sarcastic I edited the post and it came out like that :\

Oh lol.

Well either way I hope you get your script working haha