[Admin Mod] Evolve - Compact and sleek

Evolve is the admin mod that I always loved. It is lightweight and modular and you can easily modify its plugins or make new ones to satisfy your admin needs.
Therefore, I was really sad when I noticed that Overv stopped working on it and it got discontinued.

Now, someone continued evolve inofficially and we(Melon Gaming) used that version for a while, but after poking a little in the Lua files to fix some minor bugs, I saw


Well, the MySQL System wasn’t even implemented and we didn’t fill the information, but that is one of the biggest security canyons I’ve ever seen.
You can tell how quick we decided to make our own evolve.

So that is basically what happened, we setup a Github repo, imported the old GM12 version of evolve and started porting it.
It has come to a point where I consider it rather stable and we received official support from Overv.
So this is not yet another inofficial continuation of evolve, but rather an official one.

The original Thread for evolve is here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=940348
Please note that a lot of information in the Thread is outdated, I just included this for reference.

The list of features of evolve is huge. Evolve might be lightweight, but it is still feature rich.
Think that is impossible? Try it out! :slight_smile:

Some of the most noteworthy features are:

  • Very modular. Don’t like a feature? Just delete it. Want a new feature? Make it very easily.
  • Suggestions of available chat commands
  • Send private messages
  • Display of player names above their head
  • Custom scoreboard
  • Reloading of plugins at runtime
  • Handy menu in case you don’t like chat commands

[h2]How to use[/h2]We are using the Github Wiki pages to explain how stuff works, since it could change any time. Evolve is currently in a phase of rapid development.
You can view our Wiki here: https://github.com/Xandaros/evolve/wiki

However, it is currently rather empty and at the time of posting this, it contains no content at all.
Evolve is quite intuitive, so you will probably figure out how it works without any help. If you do have some problems, try to look at the original thread.
If nothing helps, just ask in this thread and we will make sure to help you as good as possible.

[h2]Download / How to install[/h2]
To download evolve you actually have 3 options:
Recommended: Use SVN. Many popular mods (wiremod, for example) use SVN, so you should be familiar with it by now. If not, just look up TortoiseSVN on Google.
The SVN link is: https://github.com/Xandaros/evolve.git/trunk
Please note that, even if you get a 404 error if you try to open that in your webbrowser, in your SVN client it will work.

Alternative: The alternate way to download it is downloading a ZIP archive and extract it. This is not recommended, because you have to manually update your evolve every time.
You can download the ZIP archive here: https://github.com/Xandaros/evolve/archive/master.zip

The final method is to use Git. Git is similar to SVN, but a little harder to setup. If you know how to use Git, we recommend to use it. If you don’t, don’t bother, use SVN instead.
The git link is: https://github.com/Xandaros/evolve.git

Important: If you had evolve installed before, you need to delete your config files. Go to your data directory and delete ev_globalvars.txt, ev_playerinfo.txt and ev_userranks.txt
Alternatively, if you know a little bit about lua, you can convert them from GLON to vON yourself.

[h2]I found a bug![/h2]
Well, that is great! Please report it on our Issue Tracker, so we can fix it as soon as possible.
If you have a feature request, don’t hesitate to put it on our Issue Tracker, as well.

Most credits go to Overv, he started evolve and supported it for a long time. Without him, this project would not exist at all.
Since Melon Gaming took over evolve, we switched it from GLON to vON, Vercas’ Object Notation. So credits go to Vercas, as well.
Overv asked me to include a guy named ColtoM. I have no idea who that is, but he originally made the player name plates. (And they are quite awesome, so thank you ColtoM :D)
Divran, because he insisted. (Nah, just kdding, I just forgot him. He is mentioned in the original thread, as well)

All the people who add Issues to report bugs and suggest features, as well as those who do pull requests or have access to the repo.

Finally, evolve is currently maintained by Melon Gaming.
The developers are currently just MechWipf and myself.

What about me :V
I poked overv constantly to get him to work on evolve. And I helped him debug it. And I made the goto, bring, and teleport plugins not suck (they used to just teleport you. I made them smarter by checking the area for space). And some other stuff I can’t remember.

Anyway good job at fixing it up for gmod 13.

This is almost perfect, except it doesn’t have prop logging in the console, is there a way to add that in?

Added to the list: https://github.com/Xandaros/evolve/issues/21 :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you.

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Just a small questions how do I properly use the !play command

I’m trying “!play garrysmod\sound\demon.mp3”

Says its not on the disk, what should the path look like?


EDIT: Btw I’ve made some useful or useless plugins for evolve ages ago which I’ve placed in my SVN here: http://divranspack.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/%20divranspack/Divrans%20Evolve%20Plugins
Some of them probably don’t work anymore after gmod 13

Oh yes, trainfuck was awesome.
I’m probably going to include some of them as default plugins, if you are okay with it.

Thank you so much for continuing evolve. The unofficial one had a backdoor in it, the half implemented MySQL broke bans and some plugins used to be hit and miss when working or not. It will be great to have one that is actually continually being updated.

http://evolve-mod.net/ Do you have permission to post this? It’s already converted to Garry’s Mod 13 by the originals.

Evolve is my favorite admin mode (ULX was my favorite for long time but complexity and lack of updates made me move to Evolve). I managed to make some plugins to it, without knowing too much about lua. I would appreciate if someone with knowledge could suggest what should be changed in their code.

http://pastebin.com/v5Qj6Fu8 <- Votekick (modified Overv “vote” plugin)
http://pastebin.com/ZcgxVrj5 <- Votemap
http://pastebin.com/uyzXWkii <- Veto (only for votekick and votemap)
http://pastebin.com/0QU0su74 <- Advanced Sbox limits (per rank limit)
http://pastebin.com/4HApf9SW <- ACF lock (You can lock and unlock damaging things with ACF. DOESN’T WORK WITH EXPLODING AMMO)
http://pastebin.com/WkAn7qYP <- Count stuff (It counts stuff and shows you result in console)

“the originals” is Overv. He made evolve. And as I said already, I do have permission.

I have absolutely no idea what the deal is with evolve-mod.net, but we are probably going to get ownership over that domain. It’s not owned by Overv, no clue why, though :smiley:
MechWipf is taking care of that.

Oh, votemap is an awesome idea. We do have plans for votekick, but we could probably include somei other votes, as well.

Does this do !banid?

evolve-mod.net does not and thats the biggest reason I got rid of it

Sorry but how does this work?

It’s locked now, does that means it’s being worked on or it’s denied?

That means it’s done :slight_smile:
The log is getting printed into the server console.

If you want the prop spawning to be printed to the client console, Divran has posted a link to his plugins. One of them does that.

Kiks: What is !banid supposed to do?
Ban a specified steam ID? I like that idea: https://github.com/Xandaros/evolve/issues/22 :slight_smile:

I have installed it on the server, it just makes a error everytime someone spawns a prop

The current ‘converted’ version of evolve im using doesnt seem to hold bans properly after a restart the player seems to beable to get back in. Does this version solve that?

Another problem when turning weapons off, the newly added ones which is Stunstick, Slam ect…

They’re still spawnable even when weapons are turned off.

Can you post this error? I didn’t have such a problem, but I have to admit, I didn’t test it thoroughly.

How did you turn weapons off? sv_weapons?
That convar only controls the loadout, not the permissions. You need to set the permissions for each rank.
It is currently not possible to change that, but there is a complete overhaul of the permissions system planned. But it’s a big change, it’ll take a while and I want other things sorted out, first.

Nope, we didn’t introduce such a bug. As with the old GM12 version, bans can get deleted after a few months. This bug is known and will be fixed soon, as well.

Man, didn’t realize anyone else was working on adopting Evolve. I started working on a complete overhaul about a month ago and was getting close to completion, but seems you beat me to the punch (plus with Overv’s blessing, didn’t realize he was still around). Props on this =) There’s enough significant changes in mine that I won’t be dropping it though, and I was already planning on tweaking the name anyways, but I’m still glad to see it’s surviving on.

Kicks38* not kiks lol.

And yes, a specified ban.

In my TTT people could rdm and leave and never be banned because there was no way to ban their ID specifically with the other evolve mod.

!banid “steamid” “time” “reason” is how it usually goes, and an example would be

!banid STEAM_0:1:18483425 0 RDM (Permanent ban to that steamID for RDM

It’s really useful to have that