Admin mod for DarkRP

Hi, which mod should I go for with my DarkRP server ULX or evolve. I am changing from assmod, because I am kinda building a new gamemod I just use darkrp as building blocks.

I believe Evolve has stopped development.

Personally I prefer Evolve, but its a matter of personal preference

yeah but I am thinking like which one is the best to use that can create VIP jobs and such.

In DarkRP? Either really.

You can set a meta:IsVIP() function up using any assmod, evolve, ulx or probably any…

Be a man, do admin mod yourself!^W
Evolve will be fine enough

I use ULX, it’s fine. It does it job and no, it IS stable with DarkRP.

What I like about ULX is that you can setup ranks easily, fine, you can’t restrict tools/weapons with it… But with DarkRP you should have FPP for tools and for weapons, go into the weapon folder and change Spawnable to : false…

Simple :l

Or use the DarkRP cvar to setup weapons unspawnable ;).

And yea, uRestrict (ULX restriction mod) doesn’t work with DarkRP sadly. However FPP provides that feature just fine.