Admin Mod Suggestions

Hey guys, recently I thought I would try and learn a bit of Lua, so I decided to make my own admin mod(with a bit of help), I aint releasing it so don’t worry about any more shit ones getting released, I just need some ideas for plugins, like fun and punishment. All ideas are greatly appreciated.

those aren’t plugins

You’r not very helpfully, please give me some ideas.

Umm… just throwing a few things out there

[ul][li]Meteor Strike - Freeze the player and have something large rain down on their head[/li][li]Bidoof[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Super Jump - Give people the ability to jump really high![/li][li]Ghost - be able to turn into a prop and fly around[/li][/ul]

That should get ya started.

Seriously though, that’s not a plugin system.

Go away then, I am not very advanced with Lua, I am always learning but your “Seriously though, that’s not a plugin system.” isn’t helping me learn now is it, so either give me some ways to do it better or go away.

Your “plugin” system was to have lots of lua files similar to these:

concommand.Add(“slay” , function(ply , cmd, args)
if !ply:IsAdmin() then
ply:ChatPrint("[WILKI-ADMIN] You do not have permission to do this.")
elseif not args[1] then
Ply:ChatPrint("[WILKI-ADMIN] Please specify a player to slay.")
for k , t in ipairs(player.GetAll()) do
if string.find(string.lower(t:Nick()) , string.lower(args[1])) then
for k , v in ipairs(player.GetAll()) do
v:ChatPrint("[WILKI-ADMIN] " … ply:Nick() … " slayed " … t:Nick() … “.”)
end )

That is not a plugin system.

Here’s an example of a plugin system, taken from an admin mod I’m working on:

local Plugin = {}
Plugin.Name = “Slay”
Plugin.Verb = " slayed "
Plugin.CC = “slay”

function Plugin.Command( ply, cmd, args )

local plf = SethAdmin.PlayerFind( ply, args[1] )

if plf then
	SethAdmin.Notify( ply, Plugin.Verb, plf )


SethAdmin.AddPlugin( Plugin )

See the difference?


that helped right

But how will I use that? In my init.lua what do I add to make it load all plugins.