Admin mod with following stuff

I’ve been going through some Admin mods, and some which has something great, still has something that isn’t so great, so basically, none of them has been somewhat I’ve been looking for.

So far, I’ve ended with Exsto which seemed great, but some things are missing from this.

I thought I would post here this and ask if there is some Admin mod which has all the following stuffs.

  • RCon commands are possible to be ran by admins without using rcon_address and rcon_password
  • Quick commands (!goto, !tp and such)
  • Doesn’t display when !goto or other command is written by admin.
  • Has MOTD.
  • Changemap command for admins which also makes HUD to show how long is there still time before changemap.

ASSMod had some stuff from this, but what I hated in it was that it didn’t have quick commands.
Exsto is also great, the best one I know so far, but its still missing a few things, like the MOTD and HUD.
ULX had the RCon thingy, and so did ASSMod, but ULX still had few things I didn’t like about.
Citrus, well that one lagged the server damn a lot, don’t know why.

Create the motd using DermaDesigner and create your own HUD? Aint that hard really, if Exsto has everything you want except that.

Ain’t that hard for the person who knows how to do such a things.
All I can do is edit some scripts with my low knowledge of LUA.
I haven’t actually created more than 1-2 scripts from scratch by my self.
Tho, I guess I’ll give the DermaPanel another try as I tried to use it earlier but failed.

Just make a DFrame and parent a HTML to it?

Evolve + motd plugin/addon from

It displays when command are run, if you give overv an email he will give you a modded version which doesn’t I’m sure, he is a nice guy

I’ve tried so many admin mods, all being substandard apart from evolve. It is constantly upgraded and a motd is next on the list, followed by total mysql support (compatible with sourcebans right now)

Use Evolve’s SVN and install one of the two MOTD plugins

As said, Evolve has all those things except for the countdown for map changing.

Well yeah, it had a MOTD, but I forgot to mention I needed one that would download again and again each time a player joins the server.
Otherwise, I like that admin mod more than Exsto. Simple and easy to use, has a lot of great plugins.