Admin Mod with SQL?

hey guys i was wandering if there is any admin mod that uses a SQL database to fetch the ranks? thanks.

Not by default no, however I am aware it’s possible to convert assmod so it fetches bans and ranks from a database, just I dunno how to do it.

i need someone/somthing that can do it. i would like players to be able to view bans online (ill make that) and have like a database to load the admins over multiple servers.

Doesn’t Citrus have an option to use a database?

You could use SourceBans. That doesn’t have things like slap or jail by default though. So I would suggest using a different admin mod for that stuff.


If you’re using ULX you can use UBan. I don’t know if it works or not though, there seems to be people posting it doesn’t work for them but they may be stupid. Anyway, hope this helps.