Admin mod

Hey y’all

This may sound like a silly question, but still.
I recently started renting a linux server, just to test it.
Although I can’t seem to get any admin mod to work.

Is there anyone of you that knows an admin mod suitable with linux? Or is it the update that caused most of the admin mods to fail?

Thanks in advance

Admin mods shouldn’t stop working on certain OS.
And I’ve used ULX and Assmod just fine since the update.

Ok so I tried ASS
Client console output:

Unknown command: ASS_MotdOpen
Unknown command: ASS_CS_Initialize

Any ideas what could cause this?

Probbably something wrong with the version of assmod you downloaded, try ULX

Okay, installing ulx didn’t help either. But I noticed something,
when I join it’s like the server isn’t sending me everything I need.
I cleared my cache and I only needed to download about 12 files.
Frankly enough, 10 of 'em were dua’s.