Admin mods

Anyone know any admin mods where it’s easy to create groups and such and has a autopromote system that’s easy to use besides ulx an also has a map menu kinda thing?



I think you can make ranks like Player, respected, etc.

!rank “” or !rank (name) (rank), if I am right.

Not sure about the map menu though.

ULX is pretty good.


ULX is bloated and not even half of the commands works
ASSMod is annoying mostly
Havent tried evolve
last time i tested exsto it lagged like shit
I’d say evolve or exsto


Becuese exsto lag is probbably fixed by now

I’ve used ULX. Every command works. The one thing it has which every other admin mod I’ve ever known of lacks is console commands.
Assmod works with ULX for restrictions.

Evolve is like a better version of assmod, but lacks the restrictions I desire.

ASSmod is quite a good one