Admin Mods.

I’m looking for a well supported admin mod that would allow me to set the access of admin powers based on user groups I’m using assmod now I it wont let me do that so if anyone knows of any that will it would help.



sorry for the waste of time I just found new admin and it’s going to do what I want so yeah no need to post

It’s my understanding New Admin isn’t developed anymore.
But, last I heard that was a few months ago.

I’d recommend another that I personally know is supported, has it’s own forums and releases for modules related to it, but, I’d be biased as I’m a member of the development team.

I believe you can find several mentioned at the Gmod wiki.

I’d say ULX is the oldest and most compatible/supported admin mod.

I don’t develop it anymore, but I do still support it.

well newadmin is a good admin mod an I have LUA coders that can change things that we need added map change plug in :slight_smile: and stuff but it’s being used on a ZS server so any suggestions are still wanted and helpful

thanks guys

Due to my new job I’m not adding new content for the next few weeks, but I will fix any bug that you report.

You can make any number of user groups and decide what powers they have.

Adding plugins is incredibly easy with MOOCOW, even the GUI code takes <5 lines. While there is no map change plugin for MOOCOW yet, if you made one that was well constructed I would put it in the SVN. Until then, the perform command is capable of doing map changes.

Well I can see your GUI code takes < 5 lines.

Not the plugin for the GUI the implementation of it in each individual command.


I also have just wrote a map function for MOOCOW (took 2 seconds), so I’ll be putting that in the SVN either tonight or tomorrow probably.