Admin Opening Doors

I am a admin on my server and I was looking for a way to investigate potential hackers. Is there a way for me to open doors in the vanilla Rust server as a admin even though they are locked.


spawn yourself some c4…

Teleport to them when the are in their house. I think you can teleport to cords also if you know them

Yeah, if you’re admin you can just teleport in there. No need to use doors at all.

Break walls, replace walls.

Curious question as this is somewhat pertaining. Don’t mean to troll if that is what is taken.
However, as an admin, you are not fully aware of hackers or cheaters and where they reside, is there a way to locate them and there bases without actually stumbling upon them if they are not currently logged.

if you have oxide just install the plugin Admindoor

and run the command /admindoor and you can open all doors.

Knock walls down then after put the walls back up