[Admin Option Idea] Rad Town Perimeter Options?

I also recently played on a server where the rad towns were completely surrounded and inaccessible. The actions of a few, basically killed the pop of a server. I have read other threads saying to take care of the issue ourselves, but with limited drops of C4 and stone or metal placement, the task is nearly impossible. Especially if they spam cupboards around the perimeter. I know a responsible admin would prevent it by removing the stuff, but it would be nice to have an option that is perimeter based so it frees up admin time to do other duties. The idea is below…

I was wondering if you might consider an admin option to select a no build zone around the perimeter of rad towns to stop this from happening. It would be used in the same idea as the tool cupboard, but a super cupboard for rad towns. The admin could set a perimeter of 500m, 1000m, 2000m, etc. from the town center to control building in these areas. It would encourage more pvp in the area and keep the towns open for all. It would not allow someone to build a wall or tower nearby to snipe to prevent people from entering the rad towns.

The other idea is to extend the gradient of the radiation out further to discourage building close to towns or make it so roads directly connect to the towns again like legacy so that no one can build on the roads.

i’d prefer they be able to build in and around rad zones but the building parts rapidly deteriorate and fall down, this way they lose resources for attempting to do it.

I think you should be able to build next to roads especially when they bring back the gates

It wouldn’t be such a problem if rad towns weren’t the only way to get high end item bp’s.