Admin options

Hey guys, im a proud new owner of a server on rust, 30 cap.

Aim of this server is strictly EU, Im also gona experiment with turning off the server at night to protect the bambies from Amarican night raiders (may drop this, just gona see if it works).

Anyway my question is, is there any timed message posst i can do? such as “welcome <player> to the server” “rule1: blah blah”.

I have a list of rcon commands but there just the basic stuff. Was wandering if this is already implemented yet?

anyway when my server is tested and ready ill post on here to welcome you guys.


They are working on those kind of things at the moment, you just to have to work with the basic rcon admin commands for now. Also post any server advertisements in the sub forum at the top of the rust forums.

ah shame, thanks for the info

Can you modify spawns and what items you can have ingame on the server? Or is part of what they are working on?

Infact, any kind of modding here?