Admin penel

okay i need a admin panel that will be using mysql

bans for mysql

just a simple vgui or derma panel w/e is best with kick and ban command with reason and maybe a slay button.

if you’re willing to do it add me on steam name is gotskilz4u

ill talk about price on steam.

could’t you just use ass mod?

it dosnt use mysql and i dont know mysql coding

ULX. Period. :smiley:


wait a minuet… you just ASKED for one that uses mysql yet you don’t know how to use it? WTF is up with that? either you typed it wrong and meant to say that DOESN’T use mysql or your just retarded for trying to use something that you have no idea how to use.


Why would you want to use mysql for just an admin mod anyway?

perhaps he wants it to automatically link to his website like many other servers do

he means he dos not know how to code mysql into assmod, why would he be asking for mysql admin mod if he wouldnt know mysql idiot.

Then he should probably use Sourcemod

ive tryed sourcemod, ive tryed all of those admin mods i just want my own one … thats what im saying jeez… if anyone wants to code for cash then talk to me on steam my steam name is same as the one im using so add me if ur willing to do it…

we cant because we have no idea what the hell you want!

My own admin mod that saves the bans into a mysql table ??? Is it really that hard to understand.

You can use sourcemod, sourcemod is not an admin mod if you dont want it to be, its an addon that allows scripts to be written for it, you can use sourcebans it has a built in webfront and saves to a mysql data base, its user friendly and easy to set up.