Admin, please back up game and do not delete content in servers this time.

Ok so we love this game!!!

We also know that each time you guys do a new patch/update you wipe all the servers and we have to start all over. I think that it’s extremely simple (especially since you guys just made a killing in sales alone for 1 day) to back up all the servers especially North America 2 Non PVP and keep all the player content. I know all games do it from Tibia all the way to WoW.

In addition to how super amazing this game is, we have a few requests/ideas. I’ve in gaming since the 70’s I have beta tested over 622 games and OMG you do not even want to know how man I own, anyway I have seen games come and go but I feel this one will be around for a very long time since it’s so effen fun. I along with many others would like to see map system, a compass and coordinates of some sort. The ability to add friends and maybe even make an alliance/clan/guilds etc.

You guys obviously know what you are doing, but I am hoping that you could implement a few more things in this super game.

Thank you for a game I have been wanting for many years.

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The more people we get to agree the more likely we may have our wishes granted :slight_smile:

At start sory for my English…

Big changing (especially nerfing ones) should and will wipe servers.
Compass would be nice if It could be looted only, same with map, but BIG NO! for giving you coords or “map pointer” maybe ability to “draw on map” that if you die someone else could find your base (if would marked id)
Friend list just to see if you friends are online would be nice. Clans ect… NO. Give ability to dye cloths/armors to see who is your friend (but gives chance for impostors ;P)

TBO i hope there will be wipe soon, cuz fresh staring is kind a fun (For me) :stuck_out_tongue:

Wipes are necessary for progression purposes. If you didn’t wipe the servers you’d have tons of kids running around with m4’s killing everyone and grabbing bolt actions faster than they were meant to be received.

There’s no point in keeping backups since the servers automatically backup save files. The issue is primarily that there is need for a wipe when releases come. If that bothers you, I’d say learn to roll with the punches or find a different game until there’s a stable release out in which wipes won’t occur as often.

As above, wipes happen for balance reasons. Like in the last patch a lot of stuff was made harder to craft so established players could stockpile tons of stuff whilst a new player would have to make it from scratch with the higher costs.

Also a wipe every now and again is a good thing, the rust playing field can get uneven very quickly and it brings everyone back to the same level.

Coordinate system, map and compass would totally ruin the aspect of needing to know your surroundings. Plus there are landmarks, the sun, and the big ass mountain in which we call north. No need for these!