Admin Plugin - Advice?

Hey everyone, me and my friend are developing a Cider server and need a good admin plugin, what would you all reccomend?

I’d recommend using ulx.

Do you know if it has any cider modules such as prison points?

I recommend ulx admin mod with ulib and urs , urs will allow you to customize prop limits , npc limits , effects limit , vehicles limits and more , you can restrict tools , vehicles and more things with urs , ulx is best admin mod for darkrp , evolve is look like wall hack with showing names on head of players. you can see in-range peoples with that. and real admins only use chat commands and console commands.

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Prison Points?

Well, when the players are arrested they need to be teleported to a cell.

There is 2 ways to arrest someone with admin powers. 1- with ulx cell , with this ulx cell player don’t lose their weapon and its not look like rp arrest. 2- you need admin privilage for that: type rp_arrest playername time on console to rp arrest someone. and for setting jail pos you need cop job or admin privilage , then type : /jailpos at chat. that was all!

Ah thank you! You have been a great help.