Admin powers causing all the hacks?

Hey guys, some of u might know me from posting hacker threads each month, im afraid now its the same.

We all got excited about upcoming wipe and few hours in wipe we get hit by flying moron that already had all the guns on him… Got so demotivated to play but we still pushed throw it. Today we got hit again by another hacker who used 10 c4 by him self, knew exactly where our loot was and killed 7 of players defending with instant hs.
That was the story from these 2 days. Im not reporting with this thread i got few questions that i would like devs to answer.

  1. is it possible that admin powers are making this game easy to hack?? Its already in game so its easy to modify it how u want… Would disabling admin powers fix flying hack at least? And is that even possible?
  2. This might offend some ppl but its what 99% of my servers want to see. Why dont we have ip block for russian based players? At least for official servers, 95% of all hackers i see in these 4 month playing where russian. They got their own servers we got ours.
  3. Can some 1 pls give me a name of comunity server that has admins and doesn’t wipe every 2 weeks. I play official because it wipes once a month.
  4. Is it possible to have admins on official servers, like some 1 who plays alot, some 1 ppl know aldeadyin game.

For me and my group it’s either find good server without hackers or quit game. 880 hours spent in rust, im not the one who quits easily, but this is just out of controll. In last few devblogs i didn’t see any1 talking about hackers, its like this problem is fixed.

If mods are thinking about banning me on forum at least answer my questions before u do.

What country and city are you in? You can only play a server that is pretty close to you because of Ping. No one can recommend a server unless you tell where you live.

I am in California. There are many modded servers that only wipe once a month. If you live in the US, you have no reason to play on an Official server. Official servers have more hackers than good private servers.

i live in Europe bosnia, i got best ping in Amstedam. i want regular comunity server not modded, i dont enjoy moded ones

Bump still looking cor dev answers. Thank you

I was going to reply until you pulled this card.

Rustopia [EU/UK] (Community)

3 Admins 24/7 online + moderators

Some 1 told me they wipe every 2 3 weeks… Thats too soon for me and my crew… We get stuff built then wipe lol no time to enjoy the game

I have a little bit of insight on this as a past server admin/owner.

  1. Admin powers that enable flying or anything else has really no impact on what the hack developers can make the game do. To put it simply if they were to take out flying for admins tomorrow there would be cheating kids flying around laughing at all the admins on the ground.

  2. You can use an oxide mod found here or ask your server provider if they have a server side solution to ip blocking. They will most likely but probably only if you are renting a full dedicated box can they implement so as not to affect other people sharing the machine.

I doubt that facepunch will implement this when it is at its base its discrimination and there are options that already exist. Just an opinion.

  1. Find a vanilla with a good ping pop for all your crew members.

  2. I personally cant see it happening. It hasn’t happened yet despite many people asking for the same. I would think the core team has a lot on their plate and would probably not want to have any part of the "ban appeal, blame apps or teamspeak, cousin, claim admin abuse, and demand proof circus any further than what they already deal with during ban waves.

With all that said I took a vacation from the game for a year and recently came back, there’s a lot less hackers and the admin tools are a lot more useful at catching them. You just need a server with active and mature admins. From what I hear rustopia provides that. They do wipe every 3 weeks according to their steam group (it says bi-weekly but the schedule they have up shows 3 weeks) so, I would say adapt to a 3 week time frame.

Thanks alot man this really helped… I will check out rustopia, we had 3 hackers flying around last night… I just want to say that this is first time i saw steam report option in action, it banned 3 hackers in 30 minutes that where flying and aimbotting… Almost whole server reported then also.