Admin Presence in Official Servers

Recently, I switched from community & modded to official servers. Last night, two hackers with previous VAC bans (UNs mot and 1-800-nocbs) were noclipping across the map, came through our walls and killed us. I complained in chat, so they started teleporting to whatever sleeping bag I spawned in to kill me some more, empty chests, and destroy sleeping bags. This isn’t the first time this week that my group saw this kind of abuse.

On community servers, accusations of hacking in chat usually prompts an Admin response. On official servers, it prompts more abuse. I’ve spent 50 of my 450 Rust hours on official servers now and haven’t seen an admin yet. The closest was a hacker sending messages as SERVER in the chat calling people pussies who complained.

I submitted a support request on Facepunch’s site and didn’t receive an email confirmation. We’ll see if that was worth the effort.

The devblogs frequently reference improvements to anti-cheat software, so the devs are definitely aware of this issue and working to improve the situation. Unfortunately, anti-cheat software does not obviate the need for server moderators.

My questions are:

  • How does Facepunch appoint and police community moderators/admins for official servers?
  • What is the proper method to report abuse on official servers?

Official servers should set the standard for player experiences in Rust, not function as a refuge for abusive players from properly policed community servers.

They don’t. Official servers are unmonitored except as below.

Tweet reports of hackers in Rust to @Rusthackreport. You won’t get a response, but devs will investigate, and either directly server-ban cheaters or pass the info along to the EAC guys. The account livetweets the EAC ban log.

You really should try reading, well, anything next time.

Official servers are for gathering testing data. You are confusing a game in alpha with a released game.

I don’t use twitter.

Moderator presence has nothing to do with the development status of the game. Collecting testing data doesn’t preclude a decent user experience. The thread you liked states “While the official servers do have admins, so many people use them that it’s gonna be difficult to catch every hacker 24/7.”. Apparently the servers are monitored, just poorly.

The thread also says “One of the things I added was serverside noclip protection, that I’m sure that a lot of people have wanted for a long time. The good thing is you can’t write a cheat to break this…”. That’s false, as noclipping is the reason for this post.

To be fair the developers spend all their time working on this game, last thing they want to do is sit there and play it for hours on end too - have you tried being an admin on a server, I have it is damn right boring.

Oh I’m not suggesting that any Facepunch employees should spend any time as server admins. That would be a very poor use of dev time. Much like many forums, servers should be community moderated.

But the problem with that is someone could ruin the image of the company by abusing admin powers, you can’t really trust anyone nowadays.

I’m pretty sure garry tried that, and was burned by that, in the past with Gmod, and has already learned. Rust isn’t his first rodeo.

And your expectations are actually set too high, I’m sorry to say.

I don’t have any expectations. I’m attempting to start a conversation about improving user experience through increased moderator presence on official servers.

Granting moderator/admin powers to known, long standing members of online communities isn’t crazy. In the case of Rust, the situation could be improved by granting a (very) limited set of privileges to such users.

For example:
No item spawning. No day/night switching. No airdrop triggering. Grant moderators the ability to kick & short (couple hour) ban on their server when hackers or chat spammers show. That would allow @therusthackreport time to review the accusation and take more permanent action, and stop whatever abusive action is taking place. This would also cut down the amount of garbage funneled to @therusthackreport, as the moderators would largely submit valid reports. Similarly, @therusthackreport could investigate allegations of moderator abuse.

So basically you’ve created a layer of bureaucracy between the devs and the players, and now, instead of dealing with hack reports from players (who do you think monitors the twitter account?), devs now have to deal with hack reports from players, hack reports from moderators, and tons and tons of abuse reports about moderators (legit or otherwise).

Great plan. That’ll keep things moving nice and fast and won’t take any additional time away from the developers’ main job of making the damn game.

Also how can I take you seriously when you lose track of what the Twitter account is named when it’s listed on the same page? And how are the devs supposed to investigate hacking reports when the alleged hacker has already been mod-banned from the official server the reports were coming from? Are you at all aware of what’s being done?

why dont you just play on a modded server with hige pop ? . the are very good moderated . with toons of anticheats

Tons and tons? Based on the research you’ve done in your imagination?

Cheating is currently an issue with the game. Fixing issues in the game is part of making it.

Ad hominem. Your opinion of me has nothing to do with the issue being discussed here. Your point was made in your first post, each of your posts references me instead of the issue I’m raising. I’m not here to have a flame war with you.

Based on the fact that there were only three kinds of posts ever made to server advertisement threads when they were allowed here for about a year:

  • spam bumping
  • screaming about admin abuse
  • inter-player drama taken out of game

No matter what community admins do or don’t do, they will be accused of admin abuse. This is something you don’t see evidence of now that server advertising is delete-on-sight by the mods.

Requesting/demanding the devs appoint moderators to the official servers has also been brought up dozens of times in the past two years. Nothing has changed. You have brought nothing new to the table that changes the discussion one bit from what has already passed.

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Also, I have legitimately seen people banned by devs (after responding to reports to @rusthackreport) come here and complain about admin abuse, as if Holmzy actually cares about playing on the official servers and would ban someone as perceived “revenge” for a raid or something.

(That was about the time Holmzy showed up and posted screenshots of the guy noclipping. :poot:)