Admin programs

i just rented a server and need a simple admin program where i can: ban,kick,change map, set gravity, etc. Please if you know any good admin programs that are easy to install to the server please tell me.

I would prefer a program where you open a menu rather than console commands.

ASSmod is good and ULX but you can use Exsto or Evolve but neither of them have map menus yet and it’s easy rank creation for both of them although evolve has more chat commands as of right now where you an have someone have nolimits with simple chat command I prefer exsto because it’s cool for chat box and GUI but I use evolve right now since custom scoreboard and more chat commands but
here check them out

Exsto :

Evolve :


ASSmod :

Well there you go those are some I prefer although Assmod and ULX not that much I’m more of exst and evolve

Thanks War. Ive tried ULX but i dont know how to install it to the server after i download it. any ideas?

Did you buy the server or is it srcds

Admin mods I can recommend: ULX, ASSmod and Evolve. The server I administrate uses Evolve right now, and in my opinion Evolve is superior to the other two.

Ulx has console commands. For this reason, I prefer ULX. I often use it as a combo with Assmod for restrictions and more player control.

thanks guys. can somebody pelase assist me on uploading them to a server to use in game?

I personally prefer Evolve, it has tons of fun commands and its pretty damned easy to use, it has chat commands and a menu.

ok where can i download evolve and how do i upload it?

Add me in steam my name is Warstories well [WBS] Warstories to b precise

Ill help if i can ive uploaded stuff to my server bfore

Thanks for everyones help. We finally got ASSMod up and working. But theres one other slight problem. WHen i try to join the game the MOTD is just a blank screen with no accept/decline button. anyone know how edit the MOTD welcome screen?

Add me on steam anyways

Its having trouble adding you, try adding me trevor_morton