Admin question

Hey! I haven’t played Rust for months and decided to give it a shot with the new stable version. I’ve got a server, but I gotta admit I have no idea if there are any admin tools/commands since it’s not exactly like the legacy where there are tons of them.
So my question is, can anyone tell me what are the ways of administrating the server in this new version ? (kick/ban global msg etc.)
Thank you.

There are several topics and posts regarding this, have a run at the search.

I guess I should search harder then

in console type “find .”

for all commands without the “”

Yep! I got that, but retarded me can’t figure out how to login to the Rcon.
Tried the rcon.password PASS
Anyway, thank you for the help, I’ll figure it out one day haha

Ok so to become an admin/owner on your own server start on your server console and

ownerid “put here your steam id”
moderatorid “then steamid”

so my line i enter into my server side console is

ownerid 76561198122845472

if you are already playing on your server logoff and then log back in the server should print the line
Auth level 2 (or something along that line)

this will enable you to craft instantly without the items need to create the item, also if you press F1 then type
inventory.give wood 10000
it will give you wood :slight_smile:
you can change wood for other items the list is here.

Hey kulan, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

For some reason though I just cannot get logged in to my server, I recently changed providers from multiplay to daemonsevers and it’s very different and confusing for me so sorry if this seems stupid. I have tried both ways above with “ownerid/moderatorid mysteamid” but it is just not doing anything at all, I get no response from the server side client or the game one.

It’s all very frustrating as my server is supposed to be friendly and we have people running riot and I cant do anything about it.

**I have not yet invested in a server from one of the providers YET. i run a server on a second PC so can’t help with that one but if you can connect using AN rcon tool

this works and you can send the ownerid via the rcon tool.

your batch code (run.bat)should include your ip (think this is your net ip not your home network ip)
and the port that is open for rcon.

like i said i can get all this working on my home network but not tried using server host companys. more help might be available on rustys rcon thread above

Here is a copy of my batch code some of it i have altered only ip and password etc. might help i can connect to this using rusty rcon and make myself owner.

RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname “Kulan” +server.port 28015 +server.identity “258” -rcon.port 28016 -rcon.password “bonk232” -autoupdate -rcon.ip +server.maxplayers 50 +server.seed 765416 -load

-rcon.ip is the i.p you are connecting from not the ip of the server

Yep been keeping an eye on the rusty thread, it does not seem to work with my provider as of yet. Also there is not an option to add things to the command line that you want, just boxes with options like “server name”, so some things can be changed but not added for some reason.

This is a bit of a pain, hopefully rust gets an update that fixes it or rusty is compatible soon.