Admin Questions - Definitive Thread?

I’ve done some searching and I’m not really finding what I need. Some friends and I are setting up a server. Is there currently a definitive way to admin and manage a server that really allows us access to everything we need. Thinking like Half-Life style console control with complete ability to manipulate variables or sourcemod type controls. Or is the game still alpha enough that most of this simply doesn’t exist yet? Thanks.

Just follow the “How to setup your dedicated server” guide, then you’ll have access to all the Rust variables in the server configs.
But then you’ll have to do some research to find out what you need.

Link for that, good sir or is it part of the install files? The guy who has all the actual files is offline atm.

I’d recommend telling your friend to dropp all the files on a FTP if you are multiple admins/server owners.

Then you’ll have acces to all the files of your server and will be able to modify it as you wish.