Admin Remover - Best mod?

I’m looking for a mod for a friend of mine that owns a server. He runs a server that gives players Uber Hatchet and allows them to build their bases more easily. He wants to keep it this way because people seem attracted to this style of server, but when people leave forever or want to switch bases and he wants to destroy a base; its hard because he has to use the Admin Bow and remover command to remove one object at a time.

Is there a way where he can do this without have to change the game in a major way? (ie: server wipe).

I think he’s using RustEssentials.

Thank you!

he should be able to use Essentials just fine, as long as he adds access to the remove tools in the mod config he can use, i.e.

/remove on/off | remove what ever you aim at
/removall on/off | remove ANYTHING connected to what you aim,shoot at

I am finding removeall a godsend to clean up deserted bases!
on a side note that player remove tool included in essentials is crap and only works on pillars and foundations, but i think this will be changed in an upcoming update :smiley: