Admin scripted items to work in a dedicated server. Please help

I recently set up a dedicated server and added a few mods to it. However, some of the mods are protected with a little sheild in the top right corner. Im new to gmod but i believe its called admin scripted items. I have myself set as admin on the dedicated server, but still the items do not work. Any way i can get these items working, maybe even take off the admin protection.

ps Sorry if this has been asked before, ive looked and can not find an answer

Make sure you put yourself in the right admin group.

To keep things simple I’d recommend using an admin mod like ULX or Evolve it will make things alot easier and allows you do mange your server a bit better.

Here’s a few links that should help you out.

GMod Wiki Admin page (also lists some admin mods near the bottom of the page)



Thank you, ill try it out and see where it gets me