Admin-simulating bot to scare minges

What we need that would really keep the minges under control is a chat bot that can pretend to be an admin and talk like one, but not say enough to give away that it’s a bot, and carry out some admin functions, like detecting who last spawned a prop and associating that with a propkill directly afterwards, then kicking the user or banning for an hour or so. Not my server’s usual punishment for propkilling, but it’s safer in case the bot accidentally bans the wrong user.

Of course this would only be used when there are no admins on, and can be enabled/disabled by a console command. If anyone here happens to be really good at Lua and wants something to work on, fire away!

Belive it or not, minges are quite intelligent. And making an AI that doesn’t give away the fact that ist an AI. It would also give a lot of problems: If it can autoban, I have no doubt it can go batshit insane and ban someone that isn’t a minge.

Good idea though. While an independant adminbot (or robomin. Im working on other possible names for it. Like GlaDmIn) would most likley Ban people for no good reason, and thus begin the robot revolution, Maby some form of script that gives the admin more information as to what the players get up to (Number of props per second, Number of times muted, number of times they playerkill) would be more effective in spotting and eradicating those fucking 12 year olds.

'Scuse my french.

Then the minges would come up with the Robominge

Well, it’s a common fact that all Minges cannot script, and even if they did, it still wouldn’t work.

I agree with Dumba$$.
Something like, if the Admin, or An Admin is online, but not playing Gmod (Browsing the internet…) and have Rcon open (Or whatever it is), this would output to them different information about the players on the server, or a selected player including…
Time played (Some minges tend to join, minge, and leave), PPS (As you suggested)…
And ofcourse if a limit is reached, to many props spawned, Or most commonly too many props of the same type spawned one after the other (Seen Minges just constantly press the Explosive barrel button), then the player could be kicked / banned.
Would be quite useful.

This is a Cool idea, It would be Handy in E2 chip so that is an Admin Placed it (while he was on the server)
it would monitor stuff that he cannot see, like Spam or RDM

i think that would be chaos instead of banning for prop killing it can do other things like ban depending on how many kills they have gotten in the last few minutes which would help with rdm on Darkrp

Ask in lua requests. But if this was included by default, everyone would know about it.