Admin spawns with arrest baton

Im running darkRP and my admins all spawn with arrest batons no matter what job they pick they have them how do i change it so they dont start with
arrest baton
Unarrest baton
Door Ram

Thanks in advance

I believe there is a config variable to disable this.

Go to DarkRP/gamemode/config/config.lua and change

GM.Config.AdminsCopWeapons 				= true


GM.Config.AdminsCopWeapons 				= false

You my friend are amazing thanks so much been bugging me all night how to fix it

You’re welcome.

Upon restart admins are spawing with the cop weapons again

Thats all i have there and the admincop as been set to false

Hmm, that’s odd. DarkRP isn’t really my strong point, do some googling around or wait for someone to answer on here who knows their stuff.

Googled for hours nothing lol but the first bit was right i set it to false its just spawning with them still so :confused:

I have done some looking around and you have to use the mod called ‘darkrpmodification’

In addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_config/settings.lua change

GM.Config.AdminsCopWeapons 				= true


GM.Config.AdminsCopWeapons 				= false


Now that time solved it im such a noob should of thought of doing it there after the first attempt THANKS really appreciate it you solved my issue xD

No problem.