Admin spectator

Now if you go viewer gets seasick…

If you wanted to make it more difficult to control the players… you did it.

It’s so hard to have the same view of the players and a third person stable?

Sounds like you’re in admin mode and need to hit F3 a few more times. If you’re flying as admin, the “literally see through eyes” mode will sway. I have no idea why that view even exists but hitting F3 will cycle to a better view.

Before the patch I noticed that the spectate mode (not shift-P) was out of whack. Like the camera would pivot around the player’s ankles, or center two feet to the left of the player.

Are you admin? Now after the update try F3 and you’ll understand what I mean…

It’s intermittent - saw it for the first time today. Exiting and re-entering spectate mode fixed it for me.