Admin Survival

Hi all , I have a stupid idea about new gamemode . The idea is : that there is one admin , which is very slow , and have kick(or ban) crowbar , the other team are survivals, which can build barricades , and have guns slowing or freezing admin . Survivals need to survive for 5 ( or more) minutes . This gamemode is very similiar to Chimera hunt , but if you are hit , you are banned .
Sorry for my bad english ( if it is ) .

pretty wacky idea.
it sounds to me like a sort of instakill meelee mutant survival thingy.

It is , but with KICK or BAN gun . Just a simple recode can do that , but I do not know any mods to recode , and im a veeeery bad coder ( I can say i am just not a coder )

Anyone wants to realize my wacky idea?

I think even i could do that with some time.
That means you can too.

I cant , I dont know lua :slight_smile: . I learned basics , but I just dont know where to put lua commands .

What i meant with my post is bassically that i could probably do it, and i know almost nithing about lua.

Would be good that if you are hit you’re dead in till the next round if you die 5 or more you get banned for 1 day so they can have another game the next day.

2 kills - kick , 5 kills - ban for 1 day?

So you want people to get REALLY banned because they died in this gamemode?
Three words for you, what the FUCK

If you are planning on banning a player simply because they could not survive then at the most give them a 5-10min ban. Banning someone for a day is going to make your server very unpopular, very fast.

lol i do that all the time but no kick ban crowbar i use the dark rp stunstick insta kill try to kill admin fight it is actully verry fun

Im sorry but this is the stupidest fucking idea ever, why would anyone play on your server where if they die they get banned WTF! sorry not trying to flame, its just, your server is gonna be very unpopular if you get banned be cause you suck at gmod =X


You would most likely be loosing members than gaining them.

Players will get fed up after being kicked and/or banned, then having to go through the loading screen for about 5 more minutes. Atleast, I would.