Admin Teleport doesn't work!

Since the update I can’t teleport to anybody!
What am I doing wrong?

Or there are two noobs or there is a bug. :smiley:

I teleported to someone earlier today without issue.

There is something strange, with some player I don’t have problems even with partial name, with others the teleport work only with full name (no other players with the same partial pattern used) and with others nothing to do, even with full name.

I suppose is tied with the UTF8 characters.

Might be a letter in their name is actually a different one (some go quite creative with alternative letters), if you try their steam ID it should work, if that isn’t working, then there’s deffo something wrong.

I copy the name from RustAdmin in the test, there is no possibility of errors.

Yes, I can use steam ID but the name it’s more comfortable.

I’ve had issues with people using UTF8 characters as part of their name. I have to bring up the Steam overlay, go to the player’s Steam account, copy their name, and paste it into the console in order to teleport, kick, ban, etc.