Admin teleporting no longer works

So, after we updated our server last night following the new patch, we decided not to wipe everything yet. We wanted to give people a little heads up. However, now I cannot teleport to anyone or to any position without being immediately returned to my former location and promptly disconnected by the game server. Same goes for all other admins on my server.

All of this, compounded with the fact that I currently can’t get past the “Loading…” screen except 1/50 attempts, makes it very difficult for me to manage my server at any capacity.

Is this just a new bug with the new patch (teleporting is now broken)? Or does it have to also do with the fact that I didn’t wipe the server?

Thanks to anyone who has info!

There are 3 similar threads but titled “Bug Report” about this. I urge you to read them. This is essentially another duplicate.

Ah, I see. I did look a bit and didn’t see any other threads, granted I didn’t check any titled “Bug report”. Glad to know we’re not the only ones having issues with this though, hopefully that means it will be a priority. :slight_smile:

Without a wipe, your programs are mismatched and it will be buggy. That’s why this update requires a wipe. As a private server you aren’t required to update your server, but you should.

We wiped the server, and we still have the issue.