(Admin)/(VIP) Tags in chat?

I was wondering how most people (in servers) put stuff in their name like (Admin) indicating they are an admin or a donator or whatever, But without coding it customly ( I know some servers like lifepunch have this but that’s custom chat), I want to know if there is any way to do it with an already existing admin system.

If you know any, What are they called (I don’t have a server but I do host them for friends off of SCDRS or whatever its called ( I get the name mixed up :3))

Or in the case I make a DarkRP and want that feature.

Long question short: Is there a way to put a rank tag in your chat/name in the game, Without coding it yourself.

Question 2: ( added this instead of making a new thread and spamming up the forums): Is there any way to host a server without SRCDS or buying a server online ( I don’t have the money to pay monthly for a server), I doubt there is but with SRCDS Everybody eventually lags cause of my crap computer and internet…I was thinking of making a DarkRP again (i did before, It was sadly only successful for a few days and everyone stopped coming), I have no other gamemode to really set-up that people would play, I just really would like to host another server…

Do you use ULX?
And also, I host from home.
I put a lot of money into a blade server system, and I run my websites and SRCDS and many other servers off of the blade.
I wouldn’t recommend hosting from home with professional server rackkage unless you really know what you’re doing.

Yeah question 2 is actually solved, I have a friend who is gonna host it for me (Off of his better computer and internet), On the other hand I do use ULX, yes.

I don’t currently have a server but in about 2 weeks I might, so can’t test anything now.


still need some help about the chat tags (If it does include lua, Could I get the code/Start of it? I may have somebody that can help me with it but I’m not sure)

pretty sure this works:
Lied, forgot darkrp is the only thing it DOESN’T work with.

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I do not know the website, nor have i read the script. so I’m warning you that it may or may not work or be malicious.
I just gooogled. you should try it.

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That may also help. P.s. it’s old so no promises.

Thanks, Will try those out :slight_smile:

Also, as a cool feature if this works, Is there any way/code to make it a glowing type of tag

Ex: [Owner](Glowing red) - Sonny: Hi; [Admin](Glowing blue) Narwhal: Hi; etc.

Maybe customization colors too.

If not, Thats fine.

custom text? not sure.


I said a way to customize the color of the rank tag or a way to make it glow…

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Okay, I have a friend who said he can probably code it (Good lua coder), I’ll test that out with him, Thanks for the links.