Admin Wand Swep

By herojith at 2009-10-01

Hello and this is my first swep that made by me and its name is Admin Wand hope you like it :slight_smile:

Here are some of its screenshots:

Firing Chair to Elite Combine

By herojith at 2009-10-01

Exploding Zombie

By herojith at 2009-10-01


Primary fire:Fires a chair and this chairs wont dissapear after use when taking a while so use Z undo them.

Secondry fire:Fires a High Damaging Explosive


hope you like it :slight_smile:

Please Comment :slight_smile:

Yayyy another admin gun… Anyway, Its good for a first release.

Never release your first anything.
An admin weapon, we need no more.

'Nuff said.

oh really then without first realease how i am gona release second one ?crap and some people like this admin sweps.but you dont.

'Herojith Said

There’s no use for admin sweps. All you have to do is click “kick”.

So, what template/swep maker did you use?

But please, next time, do something original.

It sounds like he used the wiki chair swep template.

Its his first try… Cut him some slack jeez :confused:

Relax its my first time making of this why you so getting angry ?and i am not pro creating things like you -_-.

We know, but He should read more and know more about this Forums before releasing something, nobody here likes half arsed/dumb weapons; its even WORST when those half arsed weapons are dumb extremely powerful Admin weapons lol

Never release your first weapon, learn more and make something that you think its original and great(Powerful admin weapons are NOT original), then give it a try again here, until your weapons are accepted.

Good luck if you plan on doing more sweps ^^

Ohh and always listen to the community critics, they might sound harsh but most of the times they speak the truth.

True, a rule of thumb.

Make about fifty to seventy versions of a SWEP, then you’ll know enough to really make something unique by every way the word is. Think up an idea that’s never been done before (elephant water gun that pushes people two hundred feet away?) Then work towards that idea, once you believe it’s to a working order, release it!