This is a little gun built by me.

It has nearly unlimited bullets and deals 20k dmg.

If you don’t know how to install, then you’re an idiot and should click logout.

Im not a lua coder , but I think that this shouldnt be released on facepunch

Knowing you shouldn’t release 5 second sweps on facepunch is your first step in learning Lua.
You might get flamed.

“If you don’t know how to install, then you’re an idiot and should click logout.”
Thanks for install instructions,mothefucker.
Why should i even download this?

It isn’t a very good idea to offend you potential clients.

A 5 second SWEP that shoots loads of bullets? oh well, atleast everyone has to start somewhere. But people mostly dont like 5 second admin SWEP’s… you might get flamed

I’ve seen way to many 5 second things on here. I’ve made many things like this. Now look, if you’re gonna make something like this, KEEP IT TO YOUR SELF, don’t release it. I know you’re gonna get flamed, no offence but this is 5 second crap. I’m trying to be helpful, and the way my post is leading, I might get banned for flaming. Much like I say in the contraptions forum, don’t release anything you can make in 5 minutes, read the good ones and compare them. Please, I can code this and I only have limited knowledge in this field.


Don’t repel you’re potential clients, more fail.

You’re just copying what everyone else says.

Anyone could do better than this.

I may not be a Lua coder but I could see how easy it is to make this swep.

Even i could do this.

Mmm. a) he is troll, b) he doesnt know that facepunch is flameplace… Well a tip for you. If your weapon/entity doesnt have anything new compared to others, or was allready made (and is easy to do/got released) dont even bother to say you made it. You will get flamed right away.

Uh oh! N00B TROLL ALERT!!!

You don’t need ANY lua skills to make a weapon like this. I’d recommend you to learn some real lua.

This is nowhere near eaglegun…

I couldnt TELL you anything about Lua coding. And i could do this.