Administrator looking for community

Hey guys, my name is Jack. I am 15 years old from England.

I am looking for a Garry Mod Sandbox/DarkRP Community. Whether it is big or small, I do not mind.

I am wanting to apply for Server Admin, Website/Forum Admin etc…

I have experiences of administrating lots of games, including Garry Mod, Counter strike:Source, TF2 etc… I have ran a clan for a while and was a great team leader. I am a training website and graphic designer, experienced Video editor and I am willing to learn lua, c++ etc…
I have experiences of server running too and understand how they are made and put together as I own a Homeran server.

My steam username: Unforgiven1996

Feel free to contact me if your interested in taking me on, I will gladly accept any trials if you want.

You’re saying it like it’s a job.
If you want to be admin, just apply on some communities, this is kind of weird.

But anyway, good luck, you seem like an okay admin.

You might want to tone down the formallity of your request. If there’s one thing that annoys me when choosing an admin for my server it’s when people over-dramatize the position or the application. It should be taken seriously, but not treated like a real job. Treating it like that just makes you sound weird and a little socially inept.

For my server, i dont take applications. Admin is rewarded to you through me and the other owner. Other servers may take the application…

Aye, I just want it to look like I aint someone who is under experienced, bad grammer and would be a very shit admin :stuck_out_tongue:

People will almost never accept random applications based on words, people want to see action. If someone accepts your request right now, I know for sure it’s a terrible server because they accept random admins.
Instead, play on servers, be kind and you will be awarded instead.

So you are telling me that you’re 15 years old and you can write HTML PHP JAVA and you are willing to learn LUA and C++ ???

when I was 15 I was hanging out with my friends and not sitting in my basement writing HTML and Java

The whole good grammar thing kind of went out of the window with this post :v:

Hi, can I be admin on your server please?

Seriously guys, facepunch ~ your favorite server’s forum.

I own a community, you are 15 and a self proclaimed “great” leader, if anything I’d ban you from applications, never say you are something without proof.

this is a bit pointless

I’d like to see you ingame before hiring you.