Administrators needed

I need some administrators for an upcoming server, DarkRP to be precise. I need good admins with at least a little experience of administrating for a previous server, I do not want abusers and I need admins who are helpful and not bullies.

Post an application here, website forum is down at the moment.

Just post in this format:

Experience: (eg. Counter-Strike: 1 year, Garrysmod: 1-2 years)
How long you can spend administrating: (eg. 5 days a week, 5 hours a day.)
Other: (eg. I can code lua)

Thank you.

3/3 slots taken 0 left!

Mod positions may be available, I will decide on your moderating abilities through admin experience also.

Admins: Dvoraka, norzone and Bomber9900

Mods: Winnmp (Possibility)

Visit the official site:

If you do applications like this you’re likely to get lots of minges who see it and go “OLOL FREE ADMIN?”

But yeah, I like managing and stuff, so here is my app.

Name: Dvorak

Age: 18

Experience: Admin’ed a 24player L4D server for a few months. Then created and ran my own L4D and L4D2 server. Died after a few months. I’ve since then ran my own Tacosript server (which also died), and then been admin on a few other servers. I’m currently an admin on a very small community (20 active members).

How long you can spend administrating: College from 8AM to 4PM weekdays (GMT). Free on weekends. Most of my time is spent on my pc doing whatever. So any PC time can be Admin time.

Other: I can do a BIT of LUA, can do skinning also. I’ve run lots of forums, and can code in php and HTML. I’m also good at desinging stuff, such as logos etc.

Looks to me like you are the perfect administrator, I can accept your request. Now all I need is for you to give me your steam id, if you do not know how to get this I can help you out.


I would also like to request a Steam Username so I can add you as a friend and we can get going from there.

Dvorak is my steam name.

Alright, added.

Name: bUk LaU
Age: 71
Experience: i am wheelchair
How long you can spend administrating: idk u tell me loL
Other: i am buk lau = wheelchair x retarded = § wtf is goin on yo!!!

i wnat wheelchair ad min

Made my day.

Get out.

on my way loL

Any serious people wanting to become an administrator?

I’ve not got an invitation from you on steam yet…

Whats your name? I’ll try to add you.


I added you under the name “tkl”?

Hmm, thats not me lol.

Added you under that name.

What is going on? I have not yet recieved an invite sigh software these days…

Ok connect to my server and I can add you from there:

Name: Norzone

Age: 20

Experience: Picture at the bottom.

How long you can spend administrating: Every day.

Other: Skinning/textures.

Alright Norzone I will give you the oppertunity as well. Here is the server, it is under construction right now so don’t expect much:

What admin mod are you using? ULX, assmod, etc?


Name: RidingKeys
Age: 2
Experience: I’ve owned Garrys Mod for around 2 years now I believe, as well as CS:S. Total Playtime: Garrys Mod - 752.2 hrs CS:S - 152.9 hrs
How long you can spend administrating: (Forgot to add this part) I ran the InsurgencyRP Server that was quite succesful, 16/16 slots for about a whole week :), and then the [KG] community as well.
Other: I can modify Lua, Be online most of the time, and have ran my own community that was quite successful.

Nice. I’ve added you on steam.

EDIT: “Last Online: 112 days ago”