Is there a way that I can say !tp adminroom <player> and it will teleport me to an adminroom that I can set using ULX if anyone knows how to set or make this can you let me know, and let me know where to put it.

Are you asking how to setup the room, allow only admins in there and then create a command to teleport them?

Just use ULX to set a position – just like what you do with jail positions, and when that command is used, it will send the player to that position.

kinda I have a room that is already set up for admins if they have to bring people there. I would like to type a comand like !tp adminroom <player> then it will teleport that person to the position that i will put in from typing in getpos.

Create the ULX command in ~\GarrysModDS\garrysmod\addons\ulx\lua\ulx\modules\sh\whatevercategoryyouwant.lua

thats the thing how do you set a position? for setting jail positions I know you type /setjailpos what would I do to get a command that will bring me to a room after i type !tp adminroom. Im not sure if you understand what Im saying I can post pictures if you like of what I mean

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like this?
[lua]function Teleport( ply )
if ply:IsAdmin() then
ply:SetPos( Vector(0,0,0) ) – Set your admin room pos here.
ply:ChatPrint(“Teleport to the Admin room.”)
ply:ChatPrint(“You are not Admin!”)
concommand.Add( “adminroom”, Teleport )[/lua]

Im not sure if I type in !tp adminroom <player> will it work with this