Admins abusing their power.

So basically the server AUS Outback\Active Admins\Door Share[LAG FREE] has several admins all of which invis into your house while you’re being raided by a select few people and open up all your doors so their friends can get all the loot without needing C4. When questioned about it you are promptly either muted from the chat or are abused and banned. Confirmed to have happened multiple times. They are essentially giving Rust a bad name and killing the game for anyone who plays on their server.

Confirmed admins to be abusing power and abusing players are: Swift Wolf and [FSG] Baileyisme.

I know technically they are admin are allowed to do as they please with their server but using their powers so others can cheat their way ahead is just as bad as hacking. It ruins the game for everyone involved.

change server then. They wont learn until all have left the server

no hackers or admin abuse here check it out bro, be a good decision to make

When ever I see these posts I just shake my head. There is no point even makimg a new thread about it. The server admin/owners are paying for that server. They can do what ever the hell they want.

My best advice for you is to change to an offical server. There is no 10 year old admins, but a lot more hacking probably.

Admins cannot open your doors, lol.

There’s an Oxide addon to allow that.

I don’t have that one installed on my server. I honestly haven’t even seen it.

It still doesn’t really make sense for admins to do that. It’s incredibly difficult to grow a server… Why would they want to kill it by blatantly abusing? I think 99% of abuse claims are garbage.

That’s why i didn’t even played on unofficial server yet.

That depends. Technically there is no such thing as “admin abuse.” If they’re admins they can do whatever they want. But if you’re saying that anything outside of banning hackers (that includes spawning items, breaking things with uber hatchet, etc.) is abuse, then I’d actually say 99% of admins are abusers. The temptation is too great. After all, when you have the power to completely erase any frustration you might experience with the game, why wouldn’t you?

“Technically” there is such a thing as admin abuse. Just because they rent a server and have access to all these commands does not mean that they should use them against honest players on their server. The term used in the real world for the exact same thing is abuse of authority.
Of course they have a choice as its their server, but that still does not mean their actions are right.

ppl complain about admin abuse like there are only half dozen servers! but hey that’s not the case, you can play in more than 3k servers, so don’t be lazy and find another one.

idk about this specific case, but in my experience with loads of brazilian whiners 99% of the time works this way. ppl think admins are there to work for them, they just can’t play the game that they paid for it and pays for the server. so if and admin raid their base, no matter how long you’re playing on your own server, no matter how much time took to craft yours c4, they ALWAYS say: you’re duping c4; admin giving c4 to his clan; and this never ends. it’s so freaking annoying, it’s like we admins are getting paid, but no i’m actually paying for the server so i don’t accept that kind of behavior. when pppl complain about that kind of stuff i warn once and ban hammer the entire clan if they keep making accusations.

there are some good ones and some bad ones like the guy said above me, just need to get in with a nice server and a nice community and you should not have to get frustrated about admins again. You just have to appreciate that at least the community servers has admins unlike the official servers.

It’s only abuse if they are claiming to run a clean server in which admins cannot, will not, nor will ever use their powers for anything other than the odd kick or ban - sorry, I know it’s a contentious point, but it is worth remembering.

Otherwise whats happened is you’ve logged into the sandbox they paid for, and don’t like the way they’ve chosen to play with their toys. Unless the server says “no admin abuse” and defines those terms, the admins aren’t doing anything they shouldnt and you, as the user, should assume that they are happy and willing to use any of the tools at their disposal.

I appreciate it sucks, and you may have made a significant investment in time before finding this out, but those are the breaks. As others have said, move on to a different server, or start your own. The only people that are essentially locked to a server are the admins that paid for it, you can go anywhere you like.

Yeah, you always run these risks when playing unofficial servers. I actually thought for a time this wasn’t that widespread of an issue and people were providing hyperbolic anecdotes. Until one day I joined this god forsaken server called Xanarum and their dastardly three troll admins who disabused me of that fatuous notion in teleporting me and others into places only to get gunned down. Totally robbed my of that warm and fuzzy belief in this place being an all around decent community! :tinfoil:

Change to an official server and get hacker abused to hell? Sounds as bad as the admin abuse

**Yeah , looks like you should try a new server. There was a few others mentioned above…but check ours out too. I got sick of admin abuse as well , so i purchased my own server.

I never saw any Admin abuse at this Server:
I guess he doesnt even play…